Friday, July 24, 2009

Illustration Friday - Idle

They always made fun of her "idle dreams," but she knew she was destined for the stars...

In this world you really have to hold on tight to your dreams! Most people don't have a lot of respect for dreams that seem unlikely or out-of-reach. But that is why it's called a DREAM! (In the dictionary as: "A wild fancy or hope") I love hearing people's dreams-- the bigger, the better.

My dream: to write and illustrate a book about following your dreams. Is this probably just an "idle dream?" Yes! (I'm not actually a writer or illustrator.) Is it still really fun to think about? Yes! Why not?


  1. Wow!!! this is wonderful and fun! I really like all those fabulous colors and textures. great illustration. I hope you follow your heart and get to write and illustrate that book soon.

  2. Hi, Vivian
    I look your blog with great eyes.
    The clouds-castle is fantastic.

  3. Hi Vivian!
    I can see the day that you published your first book!It is not far away my friend! :)
    I love your style!!!

  4. This one might be my favorite ever.

  5. You're already doing it my friend. You're closer than you know.