Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

This whole month we've been doing deep, deep spring cleaning-- every room, every closet. In my free time I haven't done any art or any socializing... nothing but cleaning and organizing. It's been a HUGE project, but it is finally coming along, and the house looks so much better!

I've learned from this that I could actually have a clean house-- if I just spent every single spare moment cleaning!

(Happy first day of spring!)


  1. It's kind of all or nothing isn't it?
    I was VERY good at the beginning of the month, not so great in the middle, and am trying to pick up again before the end. It feels good to have a clean house, but it's also been fun to cheat and socialize.
    Z told me yesterday that he just can't wait to see that boy S again who gave them the pirate ship. "I just love him!" he said.
    I told him we'll have to spend lots of time together over the summer.
    But we'll go to the beach or something. I promise not to mess up your clean house! ;)
    Happy Spring.

  2. Happy Spring, Viv! And good for you on the cleaning. We sure accumulate a lot of stuff now that we have kids, don't we? I tried to "spring clean" a few toys out the other day when I was discovered on the way to the Goodwill pile! I'll give it another shot later -- at this age it's less clear to me if something will really be played with again than it was when they were babies...Hope you guys are well!

  3. Wow,this is like I did and all of the Iranians for our new year,the first of spring!!!!!