Saturday, August 14, 2010

Real, Paper Books!

Book Heaven = Kinokuniya Japanese Bookstore.

The Japanese must really love their books, because the Kinokuniya Bookstore is full of rows and rows of the most beautiful, wonderful books! They use nice paper, creative bindings, and tons of pretty images. The language barrier is a bit of an issue (I don't know a word of Japanese) but the images make up for it. They are dreamy, bubbling with joy, and childlike-- it's like they know that in the childlike is where the magic lives!

(Meanwhile, the New York Times is full of news about how paper books and real bookstores will disappear soon, replaced by e-books. Please, say it isn't so! Books are so much more than words on a screen. The thought of a world without real books keeps me up at night.)


  1. The thing that my three year old niece likes the best, is turning the pages. I don't thing paper books are going anywhere.Great illo Vivian. Love the colors and design!

  2. You captured the beauty of those incredible Japanese illustrated books perfectly! I am always joyful when I see your pieces...I love all your posts. :)