Sunday, January 27, 2013

Illustration Friday - Wings

 One day, she realized that she had wings!

 (This is my first encaustic piece with my new encaustic set-up in my bedroom. It was such an impractical idea, for me to do this considering my tiny house, but sometimes you just have to disregard reason and go for it!)


  1. It sure is pretty! Her wings of color and her facial expression have a great sense of harmony

  2. I like your angel and your set up. Glad you went for it :) Have fun!

  3. A person after my own heart - a few years ago, my 'desk' was my bed with a board on top of the duvet! It looks like you have nice light to work with. I like your I.F. piece! Haven't done encaustic art since I was in the guides, it is so addictive though. Look forward to seeing more of your stuff. :-)