Saturday, October 26, 2013

Work in Progress - very slow progress...

This is a new picture I'm working on when I can squeeze in a few free moments.

I love reading old painting instruction books because the authors are always so opinionated and serious. Here's my latest favorite quote:   There is a big difference between "pretty art" and beautiful art. Pretty art is usually not profound, not truly studied or true to the beauty of nature. It usually consists of pretty colors...but they do not belong in the category of art. To be profound-- and beautiful-- a work of art must be based on truth with little, if any, compromise. - Andrew Loomis 

I totally disagree!


  1. Oh no! Loomis is one of my favorites, but I have noticed that he was opinionated and pretty harsh. It's too bad that I have to disagree with him. It's funny too, that I find much of his art to be pretty and beautiful at the same time. Oh, Loomis - you silly!

  2. Always lovely to see your radiant pieces, and your process in motion.