Sunday, January 19, 2014

Encaustic experiment - Strolling Girl

By an amazing and shocking twist of fate I actually had a few free hours with no one home and nothing I had to do. So I decided to play around with encaustics and experiment and try out new things. 

I remembered that Daniella Woolf, in her great book The Encaustic Studio, says "You can always break the rules (we know you want to-- you're an artist!)..." So I did decide to break some rules and it was really FUN!
detail from image
I also am inspired in rule-breaking by this awesome video by Lori Field. I think her encaustics are amazing and I LOVE how she just pours hot wax all over the floor (in her socks!) and makes such a mess while creating such beautiful art. Total inspiration for messy souls, like myself.

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