Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Our Sweet World" - Encaustic

This is the first chance I've had to do encaustics since the workshop I took in September. I really noticed a difference in my control of the wax. The workshop really helped! It was taught at Wax Works West by Lisa Kairos.

I think I learned most just by watching the calm, methodical way Lisa worked. I used to feel like I had to rush with encaustics, because the wax was melting, the torch was hot, etc. I would get kind of frenzied and hurried. But Lisa was so calm and orderly, it was like she was kneading bread dough. There was no urgency or pressure. She was in total control.

Seeing her process really changed the whole way I approached encaustics today. That is a sign of a great workshop!

detail from image

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  1. Vivi, this is so BEAUTIFUL! I think your style and this medium go together so well. I love it!