Sunday, August 29, 2010

Illustration Friday - Immovable

I love going on a hike and seeing an enormous boulder jutting out of the ground, and wondering "How did this ever get here?" It looks so out of place and I try to imagine if it was a glacial melt, or an earthquake...what amazing act of nature moved this seemingly immovable rock to this spot? And what will move it along next?

It reminds you that nothing is as permanent as it seems.

(Scientists call these out-of-place rocks "Erratic Boulders.")


  1. Love the shapes and colours in this one. Lovely!

  2. I really love this! So simple and stylish! Great feel to it...really nice work :)

  3. Super cute. LI love that simple and stilish trees.

  4. Hello Vivian, Very beautiful your artwork stripped of everything that might distract from the main subject.
    I love them.
    Thanks for your comment!

  5. So cute and really bold colours and composition. Thinking about that stuff freaks me out, but its fascinating too!

  6. Great idea. I love your artistic style, too! So bright and cheerful. Love what you did with the IF promt, atmposhere, too.
    hope your little one did ok today in Kindergarten!

  7. simple and nice, lovely style!

  8. Dear Vivian,
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  9. This is simple and nice~
    and the colors is so sweet! hugsss vivian... :D

  10. Oh,dear Vivian,I love it!!!!!!!
    You made me feel great today!
    I want to be that girl,I like to be on the top! ;D
    Hope you are well
    Best Wishes