Sunday, October 24, 2010


We've been moving to a new home. What an enormous project-- both physically and emotionally.

Our homes become such a big part of who we are: they affect our daily routines and our moods. We often forget what a big impact they have on us, until we move and realize everything is suddenly so different.

(It's been so much work! But decorating and sewing curtains has been great fun.)


  1. Congratulations for new home and Good Luck my friend!!! :D

  2. I forgot about your move. I hope things are getting settled now. I feel the same way about home. It's such an integral part of my sanity, which when it's in any kind of upheaval it makes me a little more neurotic than I already am. Send pictures of the curtains. I'd love to see them... love you Happy Halloween. Tell Batman I love him too...

  3. I heard about this!
    I'm sorry I've been so out of touch - Though I'm sure you've been busy.
    Will be in touch soon!

  4. Harts Fabrics :) for curtain material! Happy wishes for your new home. Candace

  5. hi
    and thanks for your interest to my work.
    Your collages are lovely.

    agreed the moving is enormous. it is very difficult too. I mean very very difficult.